Hello Discourse Community,

I help manage a discourse based site and our members are trying to access it. We are however unable to access and we get this message:

This site can’t be reached

x…com took too long to respond

Search Google for x…com


Do you have any suggestions on how to trouble shoot this and have you witnessed this before with your discourse sites?

Who manages your server? Call them :phone:

If it’s you, or that person isn’t responding:
What is the status of the server? Can you ping it?
Can you SSH into it?
If no, probably need to restart or some other thing. Really depends on the situation
If yes, what do the logs say?

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Hi there @Bas

Thanks for the response. I actually only deal with finding content. Could you explain SSH and the logs? I called and they were unable to help me.

I don’t think it is a restart issue because I contacted members from around the world and they have said they can’t access it either.

I can’t explain SSH and the logs I’m afraid; I truly think you need a bit more professional background to handle this issue.

Who did you call and why were they unable to help you?

If you need a plugin installed, who would you call? Who manages your application? Who installs updates? They are the same people you should call now


The “too long to respond” error implies that the server is down or that it is no longer connected to the network. It might help if the person who is ostensibly in charge of the server would reboot it.

If whoever you called was unable to resolve this problem, then it’s either the wrong person or they are not doing their job.

What did you do to install Discourse?


Thanks alot.

We were able to resolve the issues by speaking to host and internal tech teams.