Discourse sites in Playstore

Hey guys!
What’re your thoughts on converting a PWA to APK file? Is it possible to make every website made from discourse available via the play store? I was going through the link below.


I know @falco has been looking at this?


Awsome! I am expecting good news from discourse!! I love discouse :heart:


Yes you can create a full screen TWA easily with Discourse. @pmusaraj even added the .well-known verification json to a site setting in core so you need no modification on the Discourse side. Just fire Android studio and create your project.

There are also other ways, like automatic push of PWAs to employees home screen for Google Apps for Business, listing of PWAs in the Microsoft store and on the Samsung Store. We are tracking all PWA related news and will write guides about those as soon as they are available.


Any support to add the .well-know verification json to discourse coming soon?

It’s already in there. Search the setting for “app association Android”.


Thanks. I have made my app and submitted to Play Store. Approval pending!!!


I am just curious. What will happen to the ads?? Can I run adsense in the app or i have to shift to admob? If so, how to shift to admob?

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I’ve been using lucky patcher on a discourse web app and it works, converting it into an APK.



Have you submitted the app to play store? Are you using any ads? Adsense or Admob?

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None of the two, but I might be trying later. I’ll update you ! <3

About that, if AdSense is a Google service, then it should be accepted (I guess ?)

Can you share link of your app?


Hey Falco! Thanks for your efforts in guiding us. I download Android Studio and want to create a project, and I’m presented with this:

Once I choose the correct option (I don’t know which one), then what happens? Wouldn’t it just be an empty project? How would one turn this into an application of a discourse website? Thank you so much :slight_smile:

I’m afraid teaching how to create Android apps is a bit out of scope of the support we can provide here on Meta.

You may want to try a simple automatic app creation service like https://www.pwabuilder.com/ which game me a zip containing a ready android project for Meta just now.

Google also gave me this results for “pwa twa guide” seach:


Thank you so much :smiley:

Hi @Falco. Do you think it’s a good idea for those who monetize their website to upload app to play store? Neither Adsense nor Admob have any support for web apps. Currently, I have disable ads for mobile devices. Need some clarification!!

I have no insight on that. You may want to ask those ad services support channel or ask it in a community focused on ads.


@Pravi Sure !

Here it is. I guess it simply installs site’s webview.