[Paid] to turn our discourse instance into an IOS and Android app

What would you like done?
We would like our instance : https://francais-a-londres.org/ to be on the IOS and android app stores.

When do you need it done?
when possible not so in a hurry

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
up to $1000

Do you know any singe-page-apps in iOS and Android stores? I don’t think, Apple would approve such kind of apps for security resoons and to keep control over the content. Even the user experience become a nightmare … all native OS feaures (e.g. bookmarking, printing, sharing, …) are disabled by default and needs to be reimplemented by hand and for every single device and screen format for multiple operating systems.

I would implement full screen capabilities and if the user adds the page to home screen, the website feels like any other native app.

I trust you’ve read this thread?


You will also note that all the controls are touch compatible already, that’s why the buttons are so big! :slight_smile:

Basically on Android it can already appear as a fully functional full page (albeit web) app (but is dependent on a small settings update about to be released I believe)

On iOS, Apple is holding this up because it outlaws ‘swipe from left’ in PWA’s (which is insane!!)


Very interesting…

As iOS user, I would recommend this referece page in the meanwhile:

A site specific discourse app already exists:


@merefield good point, i wasn’t aware. i guess it is worth to wait a bit then ?

@Stephen, yes this is the thing i saw, they did this app with it : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/swapd/id1278457184 i would like something similar, shall we wait based on @merefield post above ?

If your goal is to be on the app store then no, a PWA isn’t relevant here. The PWA aspect is great for users who have already found your site and want to add it to their home screen.

Is your goal discoverability on the app store, or the mobile experience? As we’ve illustrated elsewhere the screen real-estate reclaimed by a PWA is minimal.

Take some time to tell us what problem it is you’re trying to solve, and maybe we can give you some suggestions on an approach.


the goal is to have push notification, to be sure people would answer and be commited to the community.

Also i hear that it improve visibility to have an app

The only way to get notifications on iOS at the moment is with an App. Apple doesn’t support native browser notifications on iOS still.

The app I linked above can deliver notifications via OneSignal.

The Android equivalent is in the process of being deprecated though, because Google does support native notifications. If you really want a present on the app store then bear this in mind - if you go live with that app today you may need to pay a third party to maintain the Android app.

The $1000 figure will prove short, particularly if the Android app is a long term need.


@pmusaraj did great work for us!

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Thanks for the recommendation, Carson. I don’t have time to take on this project. That said, the code for the whitelisted iOS app linked earlier is still in good shape, and someone familiar with app development, especially React Native, should be able to use it. And I think the budget for this task is reasonable, especially if it’s for iOS only.

As Markus pointed out though, Apple may reject your app, they do explicitly say that they prefer not to have apps that simply serve a website, their terms also say that push notifications aren’t reason enough to warrant an app.


So come on then, Apple, give us Safari notifications! :roll_eyes:


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