Nonenglish characters in tag slugs


if a tag contains nonenglish character it shown in slugs also with nonenglish characters.

but this is different in categories

example category: tebliğ
example slug: /c/teblig

example tag : tebliğ
example slug: /tag/tebliğ

should it be tag/teblig?



You should set slug generation method to encoded

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My discourse language is Turkish and if i set slug generation method to encoded discourse generates all slugs with nonenglish characters.


title : şehir büyük küçük
slug: şehir-büyük-küçük

You are right, the tags show the special characters. But that doesn’t cause any errors, it’s just the way the characters are shown in Discourse. If you go to https://your-site/tag/tebliğ it loads correctly. And if you need to use the URL somewhere else, where the special characters are not encoded correctly, you could use the corresponding UTF-8 encoding directly in the URL.

For example, you can generate the encoding for tebliğ in a site like this one. So, for tebliğ it would be tebli%C4%9F and the url https://your-site/tag/tebli%C4%9F will work as well as https://your-site/tag/tebliğ in Discourse.