Discourse SMTP Error

I dont know but why… cPanel SMTP never works with Discourse.

Actually, I recently installed discourse on my brand new ubuntu vps. I have a cPanel server on a different dedicated server. cPanel SMTP settings always work with all softwares, including wordpress and flarum, but the same settings doesn’t work with Discourse.

Ok, details:

address mail.domain.com
port 587
user_name forums@domain.com
authentication plain
enable_starttls_auto true

Test mail never goes. Sending test Email… for 5 minutes. After a very long time:

There was a problem sending the test email. Please double-check your mail settings, verify that your host is not blocking mail connections, and try again.

This is the cPanel Email, the very first email that sends configuration.

Confused because here it is port SSL and discourse says TLS

Did you check that your host isn’t blocking outbound connections to mail.domain.com port 465?

If your mailer expects forums@domain.com as your notification email, did you change that setting in Discourse?

Oh, but wait. You have Discourse configured to use port 587, but the screenshot that you provide shows port 465, so you might want to tell Discourse to use that port.

Did you look at Troubleshooting email on a new Discourse install?

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I am giving it a try… Does cloudflare effect the proxy over mailer?