(Praveen Kumar) #1


I got above mentioned error while installing discourse on aws ec2. The problem was with my SES smtp password ( AmQ/22sNDN2Bg5vS+zH3IDfy+lfmF3OgGg/CnsAZMg90 ). Later I changed the password to one without any special characters and it worked. I am not sure its a bug or discourse wont encourage password with special characters. I thought I have to inform.


(Régis Hanol) #2

Did you put quotes around your password when editing the app.yml file?

(Praveen Kumar) #3

@zogstrip No, I didn’t put any quotes around the password.I simply copied and pasted the password into the app.yml. Actually this is not the first time I am installing discourse. This error happens to me today, when I am trying to have a fresh discourse install.


And that’s probably the cause.If you have some special characters, you should encase it in the quotes, so that Discourse knows where it begins and ends.

(Jay Pfaffman) #5

It’s a bug/limitation in ./discourse-setup. It doesn’t properly escape passwords before asking sed to do the replacement.

One solution would be to check the password for a set of delimiters before doing the replacement and then choose the replacement delimiter accordingly.

Another would be to check for a slash in the password and punt, then tell them to change the password or edit app.yml by hand.

I’ll add this to my TODO list of improvements to discourse-setup.

Oh. I was wrong.

I’ll add putting quotes around the password in samples/standalone.yml to my list as well. :wink: I’ve got a couple other yml updates I have been wanting to do as well.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Whatever is easiest to do, is best here…