Smtp password set during onboarding process

During the onboarding step, we are asked to add an SMTP password where we just plain paste the password. But turns out this fails the authentication as the password is written within "password" which is not what the SMTP server authenticates

So the fix is to manually modify it in app.yml and remove “”, restar discourse and the problem is fixed.

Can we change this behaviour ?

Does your password have backslashes or other characters? It does work as you expect most of the time, but due to the nature of regex and sed it’s a little fragile. You’re the first person in a long while to complain {and you knew how to fix it).

If you can figure out a way to make it work, I’m sure a PR would be accepted (though I don’t make that decision).

I am using the standard method from SendGrid to generate a private password. And I think you right maybe it’s because of certain characters in regex.
I can certainly contribute to this as it’s not a big issue. But I am new to discourse contribution, can you point me in the right direction ( which component handles this functionality ? )

It’s the discourse-setup script in discourse_docker.

I think it’s just the sed call that does the replacement that would need to be fixed. If you suggest the correction here I can take a look