Discourse still tracking master

I’ve edited my app.yml like this below;

and for some reason it’s still tracking master revision…

My question is, how to fix this? if its possible to fix it at all? Thanks

Edit; and yes i’ve rebuiled my containers many times.

Did you reboot? Try rebooting. There is saved state.

We could probably get fancy and figure out which bit, exactly… but just rebooting is easier :wink:

Rebooting it as i type this, we will see the results but i dont believe that will help cause i have this issue for 1-2weeks. Was searching @ forums to find the answer… then i created this to see maybe someone have same issue.

Yep, still saying that i’m following master. :expressionless:

Hmm, might be a bug indeed then. Try commenting out the line (to get the default, which is tests passed) and reboot. If you can confirm this, definitely recategorize as bug.

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its “tests-passed” not “tests passed”

bootstrap clearly failed there.

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Yep, corrected it. Rebuilded it, rebooted it. Still tracking the Master :expressionless:

as root

ssh-import-id sam-saffron

PM me ip address I will have a quick look

cp -rT discourse-srpksi-i18n-kpn/ /var/www/discourse/

This should not be needed.

  1. its the wrong way of doing things, instead submit the localizations or make a plugin
  2. its changing discourse back to the master branch cause its copying .git incorrectly