Discourse Subscriptions

Is there instructions somewhere to modify the looks of the banner?


Also, when I click add to sidebar nothing happens,

ideally I’d just like a simple text link here


One final thing I’ve not figured out is where to set the subscription value to groups?

I’d like subscribers to be bumped to trust level 2 but don’t see where that’s managed?

Thanks in advance

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Nothing specific to the subscriptions campaign banner, but there are general instructions for styling your discourse instance. I would start there.

It moves it to the right sidebar actually. I don’t know the full history behind it, but probably predates the left-side sidebar being default enabled.

I wouldn’t be apposed to eventually adding some sort of support for a subscribe button/link on the left sidebar though. As an admin though you can customize that section manually and add your own subscribe link.

When you setup a product you can choose which group members will be added to when they subscribe:

There isn’t anything to bump users to a certain trust level, but many settings now have a list of groups to control what they users can do vs just trust levels, so you might be able to add the group you choose to those settings. Just picking a random setting as an example:

EDIT: Actually you can configure your group to bump a user to a certain trust level


I edited my products and that was not there, same if I attempt to add a new product

I’m new to the sidebar but did find this easy so all good, however there is no way as of now for me to get subscribers into a group which negates the reason for the plug-in to automatically handle the job vs adding them myself, the instance I am using is brand new, would I be missing another option or have a setting off that needs to be on to get what you’ve shown?


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As far as I can tell I have been through this process - I also tried all the things in the string from earlier, using a Stripe product that I had created from Discourse and that didn’t produce a subscription in Discourse.

Given it doesn’t say you have to use a discourse link to ask people to subscribe and there is a Stripe product I’m surprised this is a requirement. I tried using the link directly https://endurancebikeandrun.discourse.group/s/prod_Q7HmrlJPQP21K6 but when I try to subscribe from there I get an error message, invalid coupon code, please try again.

Are you saying that people have to be able to login to discourse so that they can subscribe? I am on another site that uses Discourse and I am sure that isn’t how I joined the group. I subscribed and then got access.

I am a paying user of Discourse so a bit unhappy that the instructions don’t appear to match my experience, although I am not a professional developer.

I think sites have the setup where most of the categories have their permissions changed to be only accessible to the various subscription groups, but have at least one that’s visible to non-subscribers to allow for people to sign up and then subscribe for greater access.

We’re always looking for ways to make our guides easier to follow. If you have any suggestions for how we can make this one clearer we’re definitely happy to make changes. :heart:


Thanks - that is the conclusion I had come to…

It’s a bit awkward as I don’t like directing people to a resource and then asking them to pay. I’d rather make it clear they have to pay up front before joining.

I don’t have any suggestions apart from perhaps an explanation that says the subscription plugin has to be accessed from within Discourse, as I am not the first to make this mistake.


First, be sure you have a group already created that you would like these users to join upon sign up. From the Subscription plugin products page:

Click New Product

Fill out Name, Description, and then click “Create New Product”

Then this section will appear. Click on “Add New Plan”

And the Plan section will appear where you can select the group. Give it a nickname, select the group, type in a price, and then click “Create Plan”.


Ok, that works as followed, thank you,

But, I had originally chosen the pre-populated products option and that extended to and populated in my stripe account under “product catalog”

It was an easy set up

Those were expected to work for this scenario, am I to understand they don’t and I need to delete all that and begin again creating each product new?

Thank you for your help

You should be able to see/update what groups are assigned to each pre-populated product.

Either way should work. I guess its up to you and what you are after. Some things can’t be easily deleted, so you will need to uncheck the “active” box if you don’t want to use it.

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Thanks for your help, I went back to the original products, clicked add new plan but then skipped down to edit the existing products, in that screen it looks like your example, so a lot of new user confusion on my part, sorry to tax you.

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Blake (or anyone who knows)

This is working for me and I’m happy with it, but curious, can I run this as I have it (monthly support) and also run a separate simultaneous instance for say one off fundraising events?

Thank you

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Like a whole separate Discourse instance linked to the same Stripe account? Yes, that will work.

Not entirely sure of your use case but you can add a separate product to your existing Discourse site that you can use for your fundraising events. If you don’t want to have it show up on on your subscriptions page you can hide it with css, but still link to it directly at /s/prod_id_asdf. Maybe we should add a “hidden” option so that products can be “active” but “hidden”.


No, I’m not using the banner that indicates a goal amount for monthly subscriptions

But I’d like to be able to use it for a separate fundraising goal while subscriptions are collected separate at the same time.

So it would need to collect statistics separate, those supporting the regular upkeep on one hand and those raising money for the completely different fundraising event, some users may do both but still two separate instances.

So picture you’re running normal collections for rent all the time, and now a new one to replace the outdated appliances, two instances, the second one runs the goal banner letting everyone know how close we are to a new refrigerator.

Or the first one could run the goal banner and the second one is just manually updated, unless you could manage two banners in one, I’d still like to know how to modify the size/shape and looks of the banner to fit my theme, its own component would be ideal with head and css for mobile and desktop

I may ask/expect a lot but this plug-in could be the heartbeat of any forum as all forums need support and people do like fundraisers and supporting a cause

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Can you elaborate on this, it’s not clear - when you say uninstall this plugin, what exactly does that mean?

Does that mean remove it from app.yml, rebuild and then take the site offline? If the site is offline, then plugin won’t be running so how’s that different from uninstalling the plugin?

I assume that strip will continue to bill customers on a recurring basis until the subscriptions are cancelled. How does one cancel all existing subscriptions before taking the site offline?

On a related note, if the site is offline, for say 1 week due for maintenance, is there a way to suspend the subscription or offer a partial refund? Just curious.

Uninstalling would be remove it from app.yml, rebuild and then keep the site up.

It’s not you can just take it offline without uninstalling it.


Go to this page as an admin and click the cancel button for each subscriber:

Not through the subscription plugin UI, maybe there is something in Stripe.

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Okay. I’m still not understanding what this statement means?

If you were to shut down your instance of Discourse, uninstall this plugin or your site were to go offline

What does “uninstall this plugin or your site were to go offline” mean? Why would I need to uninstall this plugin if the subscription runs independently on strip’s cloud?

Thanks for the clarification. If I may suggest an enhancement, it would be cool to have an option to “Cancel all subscriptions” (with appropriate warnings and double confirmations) which can be a one click solution to taking the site offline.

Yes, to uninstall the plugin, you’d need to remove it from your app.yml file then rebuild the app. At that point the site is running, but the plugin is no longer installed/available.

If the site were offline, sure, the plugin wouldn’t be running but then neither would the site. Is that what you’re trying to accomplish?

While subscriptions are maintained in Stripe, a benefit of the plugin is that subscribers are added/removed from Discourse groups automatically based on their subscription status. You could do that manually if you want, but the plugin makes it far easier to manage.

Thanks for this. We’ll keep that in mind for future feature development.