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(Gurjyot Singh) #65

The new update did fix the drop-down in bookmarks page. But now the /new-topic shortcut is not working (means the editor is not opening). And that’s the most important thing on my website. It makes it way easy for people to start a new topic from anywhere.
Please fix this.

Update: I checked it a little more and it happens only when we are on homepage and trigger /new-topic. But, if we are on any other page then and we click trigger /new-topic then the editor does open.



Are you sure this was working before? I tried reverting the update locally and this still doesn’t work. I’m thinking this might be caused by a recent change to discourse’s core.


(Gurjyot Singh) #67

Yes I am sure that it was working before. But I didn’t checked it for last 3 days so maybe it happened after current Discourse version beta 5. I checked it after updating Tab bar component and that’s why I reported it here.

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(Merlls Rizzini) #68

Its possible not to show the tab on topics pages? @Osama



Yes, you can create a new component with this bit of CSS:

body[class*="archetype-"] .d-tab-bar-theme {
    display: none;

and make it active in your main theme(s) where you have the tab bar component active.