Discourse Tag Banners


To fix the issue above with the tag getting pushed up to the top of the banner on slim screens, I recommend adding this CSS class by default:

.tag-title-header {
    align-items: center;

If anyone wants to fix this immediately, you can add this to your custom CSS.

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I did a simple component to add tag descriptions. Two caveats though:

  • this is only using CSS to inject the description on the tag banner
  • it will only show with single tags

The backend offers a list to add the tag name and description:
Screenshot from 2021-08-18 11-54-12

The public repo is https://github.com/nolosb/discourse-tag-banners-descriptions.

(Don’t want to divert the conversation on this topic, but not sure this merits an own topic as a component? It just depends on and extends this component)


Now that tag descriptions are officially a thing, it would be nice to have the header show both the name and the description rather than just the name.


Yes, that would be really great!


Hmm. @sam do we have time to get this in? I agree the description should show for the tag… but I’m thinking of core, so maybe doesn’t apply to this theme component.