Use tag and category banner components together

Really excellent theme component! Is there any way to display banners for lists that are using both a category and tag simultaneously?

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Not at the moment… at some point it probably does make sense to combine this tag component with the category banner component… then where the banners are shown can probably be handled in the theme settings if someone wants it one way or another.


I think I found a way. I will post a PR tonight probably if I manage to get it work.

Edit: Alright PR is ready


Fantastic! :smiley: Thanks @radek3911!


I’ve just made an update to this component that makes it integrate better with Category Banners

When both components are installed and you’re filtered to a category and a tag, rather than stacking the banners, now the tag name will be shown within the category banner:

The tag banner will still appear as expected when filtered only to a tag.