Discourse tests failed on Travis -- Safe to upgrade?

I’m on a self-hosted instance and like to stay up-to-date with Discourse core.

Sometimes I get nervous about upgrading as the latest build has failing tests:

I’m on the master branch (I think):

$ cd /var/discourse
$ git status
On branch master

So I wondered if perhaps I should switch to the tests-passed branch instead - hoping that this would contain the latest revision whose CI build and test phases had succeeded. However, it seems tests-passed is unstable:

So I’m a bit confused, and a bit scared :fearful:. I’d like to take in some recent updates to Discourse core - is there a way I can upgrade to a known-good version?

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The Travis build is having problems lately. But tests-passed is perfectly fine. It’s deployed on meta and passed all tests on our internal build server.


If you’re on a standard install, your “master” branch in /var/discourse is the discourse_docker repository: GitHub - discourse/discourse_docker: A Docker image for Discourse

With a standard install, “tests-passed” is the default branch. I can’t speak to why tests aren’t passing 100% of the time, but my understanding is that the test suite passed in master once before for that branch.

TLDR, I’ve found tests-passed pretty safe.


Thanks guys. I’ve upgraded.

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