Can you safely switch from tests pass to stable branches?

Last week I ran into the bug described here before it was fixed during a system upgrade:

Mini_racer causing rebuild fail (Mini_racer causing rebuild fail)

I “fixed” the issue by switching to the tests pass branch and am currently on the latest version v1.7.0.beta7+27. Can I switch back to the stables branch safely or do I need to wait until v1.7.0 is no longer beta?

In the future I plan to setup and test upgrades with a dummy container to avoid the chance that the entire site gets hosed like the other week. But, what other ways can I insulate myself from a discourse upgrade failure that causes a container rebuild to fail? It looks like the project’s GitHub repo doesn’t have tagged releases. Is there an official way to install an older version of discourse from the git source?

You will need to wait until stable is updated you cannot go backwards.