Discourse Theme CLI (console app to help you build themes)


(Kris) #57

Are you using the per-user API (visit your user profile, click admin, and generate the API key from there) and not the “All users” API (which is from admin/api)?


I tried both keys. Maybe I’m doing something else wrong.

1: Installed Ruby locally (Win 10)
2: Installed the discourse_theme gem
3: Ran discourse_theme new C:\theme
4. Ran discourse_theme watch C:\theme
4: Got message: No site found! Where would you like to synchronize the theme to:
5. Entered: http://myforum.nodechef.com
6. Got message: No API key found in DISCOURSE_API_KEY env var enter your API key:
7. Entered my admin (per-user) API key.
8. Got one of two error messages:

Uploading theme from C:/theme to http://myforum.nodechef.com : Error importing theme status: 500 {"status":500,"error":"Internal Server Error"} Please add the following to your Gemfile to avoid polling for changes: gem 'wdm', '>= 0.1.0' if Gem.win_platform?

Or, if I enter the global API key I get the 404 error instead:

Uploading theme from C:\theme to http://myforum.nodechef.com : Error importing theme status: 404 The requested URL or resource could not be found.


Setting up a solid workflow for custom theme development
(Jay Pfaffman) #59

My guess is that Your API key is not for an admin (or it’s the global key, which also won’t work).


Isn’t this an admin account?

Admin? > Yes