Discourse through chrome on android phone crashing for some topics

I have had some problems with discourse crashing when used on chrome on an android phone. The crash is that chrome stops responding and then after a while I get “The app is not responding” popup from android.
Sometimes it just randomly happens when either opening a topic or scrolling through a topic, and restarting and checking the topic again works fine. Though sometimes I have had topics I simply kept on crashing on, most recent was this one.
This only seems to happen when using the android phone/chrome combo, firefox on the phone handles it fine as does chrome on the computer.

I’m running Android 10 with chrome 103.0.5060.53


I was getting a few of these last night on my Android/Chrome combo too. I will try and get some repro steps.


There are 24570 code characters in that topic, and unfortunately it’s quite common for Android phones to struggle rendering those. You will see the same thing if you try to see a large diff on GitHub.

We added a limit so we don’t highlight code blocks large than 30k characters, but the ones on that website are smaller so they render fine on desktop but struggle on lower powered devices.

It’s on our long term roadmap to run the highlight code in a background thread, but we are not there yet.