Unable to scroll

We use Discourse to chat. Response counts goes 1000+ sometime.

Then suddenly, I am unable to scroll Topic on Chrome android browser.

This problem started in new update.

Is this something any one noticed?


Don’t do that? Use a chat software instead?

Are there any errors?

What version are you on? Can you update to latest and see if that fixes it?



Sorry for delay in response.

This issue keep happening randomly some times. I have faced in the Chrome Mobile and Desktop browser both.

Version: Discourse 2.3.0.beta9
Same page when I try to browse in incognito or close and restart browser, then it fixes automatically.

Thanks & Regards,


Facing same problem at other sites too. Will test in Firefox and update in coming days.

Can you repro on Meta, or try.discourse.org?

I faced this issue at Google SERPs page also. Therefore, I can say: This problem may not be related to Discourse but yet to discover some other issues which prevent mouse scrolling suddenly. While at the same time, I am able to scroll other things like list of programs from the start menu. This is happening just inside Chrome.

No idea. We can’t reproduce this. Until you can provide steps that let us reproduce the problem, there’s nothing to be done here, because nobody else is reporting this other than you.