(Mittineague) #82

I’m wondering if some of that cost could be passed off to the cost of database storage.

For example, if one of the “custom fields” tables had a
post_id locale last_hit_timestamp
It might be possible to limit the number of translation requests for at least the more active post views.

(Jeff Atwood) #83

My gut says it won’t matter. Even if you cache the return, there are dozens of common human languages. So unless you know for a fact 90% of translate requests are for a single language, it’ll still be an explosion of translation requests per post.

(Mittineague) #84

If only it were so few.
If these statistics can be believed

currently lists 6909 living languages. About 6% of them have more than a million speakers each, and collectively account for 94% of the world population.

Language	Speakers	
Mandarin	845 million
Spanish		329 million
English		328 million
Hindi		182 million
Bengali		181 million
Portugese	178 million
Russian		144 million
Japanese	122 million
German	  	90 million
Javanese	85 million

(Alan Tan) #85

We are already caching the translations in DB :wink:

(Leo McArdle) #86

There’s been some discussion of an improve this translation feature before, I’d like to expand on that a little bit.

@tgxworld would you be open to a PR adding that feature along the following lines: add an ‘improve translation’ link next to the ‘translated from xx by Microsoft’ text which submits the improvement back to Microsoft and, if the user is a moderator or above a certain trust level, edit the translation in Discourse, and if they aren’t, submit it to a moderator for approval?

Project ideas for Google Summer of Code 2017
(Leo McArdle) #87

And as a follow-up, would you also be open a PR to extend the plugin to translate about, faq, tos and privacy policy, once the above has been implemented?

(Alan Tan) #88

I’ll be happy to merge a "improve this translation: PR :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if this should be supported by the plugin to be honest. Those pages should probably not depend on translated text since the content needs to be as accurate as possible.

(Leo McArdle) #89

Wouldn’t the addition of the “improve this translation” feature mitigate this problem, though?


Thanks a lot for this awesome plugin!

Has anyone encountered any difficulty translating Chinese text to English? Or Chinese to any other language? I get an error “The translator is unable to translate this language” whenever I attempt it. I don’t have any problems for any of the other major languages I have tried.

(EW 👌) #92

Great plugin. I’d tried it with Arabic worked like charm. But when I’d tried to translate from Turkish. Its says, couldn’t translate this language!.

Turkish is in the supported languages list at Microsoft! : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/translator/languages.aspx

Any hint on what could be the reason?

(Alan Tan) #93

Thanks for reporting. Can you give me a sample paragraph of the text that you’re trying to translate from? I’m able to translate English to Turkish fine on my dev environment.

(EW 👌) #94

In my case, the user interface in English, the post in Turkish.

The followings are in Turkish:

Tek taraflı ateşkes, Suriye hükümetine destek için hava saldırıları düzenleyen Rusya tarafından ilan edilmişti.

Merkezi İngiltere’nin başkenti Londra’da bulunan Suriye İnsan Hakları Gözlemevi adlı muhalif grup, çatışmalar ve hava bombardımanının Cumartesi gecesi başladığını söyledi.

Rusya’nın “insani ara” olarak nitelediği ateşkes sırasında, kente insani yardımların ulaşmadığı belirtiliyor.

Suriye İnsan Hakları Gözlemevi, hava saldırılarında, muhaliflerin kentin güney batısındaki önemli bir mevzisinin hedef alındığını aktardı. Grup muhalif gruplarla, Suriye ordusu arasındaki çatışmaların da kentin doğusunda yoğunlaştığını kaydetti.

(Alan Tan) #95

O were you trying to translate Turkish to another language?

(EW 👌) #96

Discourse is in English user interface. I tried to translate the Turkish language post to English.

(Alan Tan) #97

Thanks for reporting.

Fixed in

(EW 👌) #98

Thank you very much for your fast response and fix. I guess, I’ll need to rebuild to have it fixed. Right?

Edit: I just tested. Its working great now :tada:

(Alan Tan) #101

Just got this :slight_smile:

I’ll update the instructions in the README soon.

(EW 👌) #102

The translation is not working anymore. Could be related to the change you mentioned or maybe caused by Discourse updates.

(Alan Tan) #103

Anything in /logs?

(Pirat) #104

I, too, does not work, how do I show the log?