Discourse Units - Convert durations, lengths and masses

Discourse Units

discourse-units is a theme component that automatically detects and converts durations, lengths and masses between various scales to make them easier to comprehend.


units_length units_duration

The theme component can be found on GitHub:

How to install it?

The repository link is:


I think the words recognized as units can be done better. Here is an example where the word, “invites” is being catched as “inches”.



I remember this being a bit tricky. I did not check for the “unit” to be a whole word because I wanted to avoid defining all forms (singular and plural) of measurement units (min, minute, mins, minutes). I will have to do it.


Hi @udan11

Might be a good idea (1) not to convert or display your conversion for any number which does not have units behind it; and (2) to have a white list of acceptable units and only convert those; to save you from having an intractable problem.


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One plan of attack would be to have a few “acceptable full forms” and only accept truncations of those - so mins, minutes and ins, inches -> in yes, inside no (there are extra letters on the end).

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