Discourse update plugin without docker

Hey folks i have installed discourse on ubuntu 18.04 server with out docker but in the mean time i need to upgrade the plugins , if any one could help i did use the following steps but seems doesn’t work ,

You can read the plugin install instructions at Checklist Plugin - Interactive Checkboxes made Simple

@Falco fael dos Santos Silva ya i did check that but that steps is for the one who configured discourse on docker mine is with out docker , so any guide if there is any link to support this

Sorry, but we don’t support docker-less installs here. What I can recommend is re-installing it following How to install Discourse in production.

If you have a development installation, the plugins go in the plugins directory. You can then use git to pull in the latest versions. You might want to restart rails after that.

Noted @pfaffman let me check and get back to you thanks