Discourse Upvotes - no upvotes visible

Discourse Version: 2.8.9

Problem: After installing and activating discourse-upvotes, a Q&A Topic does not show the option to rate the posts.

Although the plugin is shown here in Meta as official, this is not so in the settings.

Ah, that would be because of the name-change. The file will need updating again. I think it’s just about to be given its ‘final name’ so should get its green tick back soon. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

That topic doesn’t look like it’s in the Q&A/upvote format? Did you set the mode on topic creation using the :heavy_plus_sign: button in the top left of the topic composer?

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Yes i did that, I also selected Q&A as standard for that category.

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It looks like you’re using the Stable branch, and I think this particular plugin only works with Test-Passed currently? Let me check that and see if I can confirm.

Sorry for the wait @simon-g, but I have confirmed that this plugin is not compatible with the Stable branch. You’d need to change versions to add this to your site, or wait for Stable to catch up with the new features. :+1:

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