Discourse user email rejected by recipients what is the best practice for this user

中文标题【 Discourse 用户的邮件无法投递的时候如何处理】

Discourse 对邮件的依赖程度是非常高的。



根据 Discourse 的后台,我们考古后发现有一个 Deactivate Account 功能。




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Can you try asking your question in English? That will make it possible for more members of the community to help with the question.

Sure, I changed the title to English

Is the problem that emails sent from Discourse to the user are bouncing? If it is, you can find a record of the bounced email on your site’s Admin / Emails / Bounced page. If you click the link that is displayed in the last column on that page (the Email Type column), the bounce message that was returned from the user’s mail server will be displayed. That bounce message will often give details about what need to be done to resolve the issue on the mail server so that emails from Discourse can be delivered to the user.


The issue is the email rejected by user, We only can find this from log from email server (There is no record from Bounced page).

If we are not disable this user, Discourse will keep sending email which means will reject again.

In this case we have to manually disable from discourse user management.

Is that any way to automatic didactive this user?

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It is unfortunate that the emails are not being marked as bounced by the mail server. If that was the case, Discourse would automatically stop sending them emails for a period of time after a few emails sent from Discourse had bounced.

For your case you may have to manually deactivate the user from their admin page.

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I see, Thank you very much. @simon