Discourse vs vbulletin5

Hi there,

I’m just thinking about using discourse instead of vbulletin5 to start a new community for a larger website.
Are there any examples for discourse on big communities, with +1000 new postings per day?
And whats your experience with scalability and performance of the discourse system on large websites with +100000 unique/day?

I’m searching for a highly flexible system. We need SSO and we would use it also for comments, which would mean that parts of discourse would be loaded on nearly each site.

The mainproblem I have is, that nearly all stuff on this website is in php/mysql and the dev-team is also working in php only so long. Is it easy to work with discourse for highly skilled php developers, or do I need a ruby guy for this?


Head over to Discourse customers a massive community using Discourse I believe is Infinite flight.


Alright, thank you, I will have a look :slight_smile:

It depends on what you’re taking about. If you’re asking about managing a large scale system with scaling and such, Discourse does things in a unique way and you’ll probably want a Discourse expert. To start, though, a standard install on a beefy server should serve you well until your community is generating money. You’re not going to have thousands of users over night.

As far as customization is concerned, it’s probably not ruby that’s so important but css, ember, and javascript. Your php guys will likely need a bit of work to get up to speed.


Okay, css ember and javascript should be no big problem I think.
Thanks so far.

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