Discourse under heavy loads


I may be in charge of a new forum soon and I’m wondering about how discourse behave under heavy loads.

The owner of the forum will be one of the most successful youtuber in France, so that’s a huge community to host.
I’m expecting an average of 100 to 200 simultaneous connected users with peaks up to 10 000 concurrent users.

Do any of you get any significative experience with this kind of communities ?

Also what kind of hardware do I need to support this ? (I’m used to deploy discourse on my own servers, I don’t need assistance for server administration and I’ve read some topics here about how to scale discourse on multiple machines)

I think I’ll do something like invite system to ensure a progressive increase of the load but I don’t know what to expect.

Any advice is welcomed.

Hmmm :smile:

We’ve seen 2000 simultaneous users bring Discourse to it’s knees on a 4GB quad-core server. That was on Discourse 1.0 with Ruby 2.1 so things might have gotten a bit better in the meanwhile.

So you can do the math…

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Sorry if this wasn’t clear but I just wanted to say I don’t need tutorials about load balancing or anything like that. What I’m interested in is this kind of feedback you gave (and thank you for this).

That’s not all representative of Discourse 1.2, 1.3 or 1.4 perf though. Lots of improvements in perf since Ye Olde 1.0.

You’d need to run your own tests @DrEmixam. Spin up a Discourse instance in less than 30 minutes and test away…


Also very important note, this anecdote is from a non-docker based install. Our docker based install is finely tuned and optimised. I would strongly suggest following @codinghorror’s advice in the preceding post.

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