Discourse web hook failing

I am trying to use a web hook for integrating the forum with my application. I currently using SSO and it works correctly. I have created a new web hook and pointed it to a local server in order to test if the web hook works correctly.

So when I edit a post and the web hook is triggered I see that the web hook has a “Delivery Status” of Failed.
When a try “Ping” inside the web hook, I do not see any verification if the request was successful or not, but when checking the browser console I see that the ajax request was indeed successful. I do understand that during the hook creation the forum clarify the user that is we use “localhost” it may cause issues. But the problem is that event is I change the “Payload URL” to an online server, without changing any other settings, I have the same result.

I can not find any other way to debug this. Does anyone know the cause of this or how can I go about debugging the problem?