Webhooks fail to run, webhooks settings page returns 404

For some reason, a forum I help run recently stopped executing webhooks and started returning 404 for /admin/api/web_hooks. Is there some way to fix it?


So you are not even able to bring up this page? :open_mouth:

Nope, that page redirects to 404.

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ouch. that does not sound good at all :thinking:

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Webhook HTTP requests don’t work either, so lots of moderation tools are broken.

anything going on in the logs? /logs

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Nothing that appears to be related.

You are an admin on that forum and only that page returns a 404? :thinking:


Yes. When clicking the Webhooks link on the API page of the admin UI, it redirects to /404, rather than the webhooks page. Webhook HTTP requests are also failing to send, so our forum seems to have basically deleted the concept of webhooks existing from its memory.

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Not sure if it will have an effect, but can you try in safe mode, just in case?


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Still returns 404. Should I try restarting the site’s container?

Do you know if the issue started after updating Discourse? There have been some recent changes to webhooks. I’m wondering if something went wrong on a migration that was run after an update.


The forum actually hasn’t been upgraded in a while (although I suspect that a staff member decided to attempt a downgrade without telling anyone after recent CSS changes)

Just did a full upgrade and it’s working again, something definitely got downgraded, we were missing commits from as far back as October and September.