Discourse website path urls rename

I want to rename some of the path urls
for example :- http://localhost:4200/c/biotechnology/5/l/calendar
instead of calendar, i want to rename it as events .

instead of agenda i want to change it to calendar

can you please advice me how to do it , can i do it through website admin panel.
or it needs to be done through code,

if it needs to done in backend , which is the exact file where can i change it …

i am familiar with django , i am new to rails.

please help me out

Take a look at:

These don’t look like core routes.

agenda, for example, does not exist on my instance - have you installed a plugin?

If so look at the plugin code, specifically in config/routes.rb (or potentially in plugin.rb)

I suggest spending some time to read and understand the structure of the source.


@merefield , No i didnt installed any plugin , in category settings if you enable agenda topic list then, in homepage a button will be enabled to view events from specific categories.
so i renamed that button , and now want to rename the url too , but i am unable to find how to do it.

That’s strange, because there’s no such route in base discourse.


… be my guest and search on “agenda”

I do not believe there’s such a section in Category settings out-of-the-box

I believe you must have a plugin installed, possibly this one:

my bad , you were right , its discourse events plugin i guess

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