Changing link letter to word e.g:- /t/ to /name of the category & modify or remove /c/

hi there , i can see great links nomenclature in discourse.


(1):- support - Discourse Meta

instead of putting /c/ it just directly go to /support , or even modifying /c/ to /category/ or …etc.


instead of /t/ we put the category name /bug/ or /…etc/

so hope i can these features available or any guides for it if already they r .


Please tell me if I am incorrect with my assumption. It sounds like you want to change the structure of the URL for SEO purposes.

If not, apologies for the assumption. But either way, the topic of changing the url structure has been discussed before here:

If you have the advanced skill level to edit Discourse’s source code, then Sam’s answer may be what you seek:

no not for SEO purposes. but yeah i c , then there is no solutions on the horizon atm.

is just to make the URL more understandably useable and give some prettiness to it.

in both cases thnx for your help. :smiley:

The solution is there. Just that it would take quite a lot to alter the current routing code.

As this would be for “looks” and routing as it is now isn’t broken, the “cost” isn’t worth the “benefit”.

Not to say it couldn’t be done if the skill and interest (or monetary incentive) were there.