Can we change the URL of categories?

Hi, As we know when we add some category in our discourse community its URL shows as Questions & Support - Dark Gaming. In this category “c” is represent the category.

My question is can we modify this default URL where we can add any custom word or letter instead of “c”?

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Maybe it could be possible by modifying the Discourse source, initially these two files (Could break Discourse though)

But why would you want to do this? :thinking:

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That sounds like a really bad idea.


Yeah we should not take such a big risk.

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@RGJ do you have any idea how we can change?

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You would make to create a plugin, overriding the /c routes.

I’m interested: why do you want to change this?


This is the advice that you should heed.

Humans, perhaps other than that one person in marketing or management who likely will never log in to the forum anyway, don’t notice URLs.


We are going to provide different type of Mock interview services in our community and my client wants to add “forum” instead of “c” to make url easy to understand.

Which plugin can help to change this?

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Out there isn’t any, as far as I know. You have to hire a dev and there isn’t any qurantees such plugin will work.

That will increase costs relatively much and then it is totally acceptable ask if your client is willing to pay for changing one word that no one sees or uses.

If an user has to look at url to understand where he/she/it is then UI is really badly designed. That is not situation on Discouse.

I’m not totally sure, but is there a chance you are trying to use wrong tool now?


Option 1: tell your client it’s expensive
Option 2: tinker with admin - customize - permalinks to redirect /forum/whatever-your-client-wants to the correct category


What are odds that will break a lot functionality that is category dependent?

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Those odds are zero, but that’s because it’s not a perfect solution to begin with. All that permalinks would do is add an extra URL that would redirect to the actual /c/ category URL.

The pros is that one can show the client that it works, the con is that the URL in the browser will actually change to /c/whatever .


Okay. I’ll share this with my client.

I need one more small help. In my post I want to collapse the content with the help of “Hid details” option of discourse post.

Collapse details

I’m able to collapse content but how can I bold the heading of this option e.g for now I want to bold “Collapse details”?

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You can use html


Text ....

    <p>Text .... </p>

Click the wrench and it’ll insert the stuff:


that’ll insert this:

This text will be hidden
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Have you seen the collapsed question?


Oh. I guess maybe not?

I can’t tell if the desire is to be able to bold stuff within the title of the collapse details in a particular post or to make the title bold for all of them (which you’d do with a theme component).

HTML is a drag because mixing HTML and markdown can get messy.


I’m on iPad now so I can’t check this but is there some CSS that could tune a bit?

Wasn’t the question already answered… ? Can we change the URL of categories? - #14 by Moin

@pfaffman you needed to expand to see the actual question


Hi, Yeah main question was about URL but after checking replies and I discuss with client we think, it will be costly + risky.

In the same question, I asked for small help about Hide details option.

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