Discourse with Apache, MySQL and PHP


If users with Apache, MySQL, and PHP can install Discourse, I think the market capture of Discourse would increase greatly. Thank you.


Do users and community managers really care what something is written in?

I recommend reading Why Ruby?

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 * and the references of that post
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Many website administrators need LAMP to build their business websites in addition to Discourse. However, if they deploy Discourse on their LAMP server, the Apache had to use a different port. Some kind of trade off between Apache and Discourse.

But, I do really think that Discourse is a great work!

Well if apache is anything like nginx, i would expect it to be possible to forward different connections/subdomains/hosts to different local ports. discourse listens on one of those ports (or on a unix socket) and the php website listens on another.

i have the feeling we’re going off the original post’s subject.

I don’t know whether that is true, but I do know that will never happen.

What most people do is to run discourse on another server.


If two servers mean two public IP addresses. But many small home users only has one public IP address.

This means they must use iptables rules to set up a DNAT gateway.


Most admins surely sensibly host in the cloud? Just guessing but suspect that’s a cheaper approach than having business class broadband at home. For the price premium of that you surely could instead afford several VPS servers in the cloud with superior internet bandwidth?

It’s a trade off, man.

I have many data like movies files to stream for my home (via Plex). I have my home server with big size hard drives so that I could backup many of my documents and data there.

For example, you could upload public data to the home server and everyone in the private network could download them if permitted. I have my home private network of 1000 Mbps bandwidth, really fast. But with a cloud VPS, this is not a good plan. The bandwidth between your client and the cloud VPS server might be 100 Mbps or so, but it is unlike that it could be 1000 Mbps.

The cloud computer service has serious disk size limit for above intentions.

Actually, I have my cloud VPS server but I only use it to establish the IPsec connections.


But you don’t need 100’s of Gigs of storage for small to medium sized communities?