Discourse x Hotukdeals

Hi guys, i’m looking for someone to create a forum with Discourse but doing a custom theme with functions for offers & coupons like https://www.hotukdeals.com/

The budget is not a problem. Deadline 2 months.

Functions required:

  • Coupons system + offers system
  • Featured image
  • Temperature thermometer for offers
  • Button to go to the deal
  • Grid view & list view for post
  • Each store should have 1 page for offer and 1 page for coupons like this -> eBay Deals & Sales for July 2020 - hotukdeals

DM me with proposals :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Juan C.



Building that site will take more than just a custom theme and a few functions because that site:


looks like a PHP / JS / jQuery app, as least three “CMS checkers” "think"so anyway:


https://thepavilion.io would like to bid for this I think but you may need to work with us to elaborate on the detail of your requirement for us to give you a price. I’ll PM.


I know Hotukdeals is in PHP but Discourse can be enough for me because we need a community and Discourse gives that possibility. Just with add ons to incorporate additional functions like coupons, offers, stores, etc… is ok.

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Yes, obviously, i posted main functions but all details and things about the project we must work together. I need to know your estimate budget for the project or how do you work.


I sent you a PM yesterday and awaiting your response.

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Let me check out it. Thank you.

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