DiscourseConnect and Clickfunnels

DiscourseConnect and Clickfunnels

Hello! I am trying to find a solution for registering the buyersof a course that we sell on Clickfunnels.

When I try to do that using Zapier I can only send post from Clickfunnels to Discourse, but this is not what we are looking for.

Is there any way of doing that with DiscourseConnect or webhooks, Zapier? How?


So you want to Trigger a Zapier task with Discourse Webhooks?

Hi Jay! Thanks for your answer.
Not exact. I want to pass the registration email and password from the course in Clickfunnel to Discourse. In this way, the members only need to register for the course on Clickfunnels (then, when they login into Discourse, they can complete and add the username (but they already registered with the same credentials that they used when they registered on the course in Clickfunnels.

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