DiscourseHub is draining battery when battery health is below 90%

other bug available on ios 6.

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Alright @sam, I think we have a clear result.

Let’s remember safari is a web browser and I’m using for general reason, so let’s take away 5% from the total percentage (because I have used it as intended for about 20 mins today along with background activity).

It’s counting the past 24 hours in general so ignore DiscourseHub here. Safari is using way less power than the app.

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But still no other affected users?


Not sure. As I said I’m a more heavy user, but it shouldn’t be using that much battery.

What’s your phone and battery health? Mike is at 87, and when I want to the Apple Store to get it replaced they told me that this app was my issue.

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I’ve been checking Discourse Hub utilization daily. The most I’ve seen it at is 8%.

Battery health is at 100%.


Yeah, that’s probably it.

Does anybody have a lower battery health like me? I tried to get it replaced but Apple didn’t want do.

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Those battery utilization numbers won’t be skewed to a single app if your total battery life is lower. I don’t doubt that your battery use is off, but we need steps to reproduce it.

Did you remove the old domain entry for your site?

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Yes, I did.

I noticed @/Falco moved this to support, so I will rename this to be more fitting for the apparent issue and back to a bug.

As I said, I believe this is mainly an issue for batteries under 90% health.

It’s very unlikely to be. Discourse Hub has no knowledge of relative battery life. The reporting is coming from the OS. Those percentages are proportional.


When the battery degrades it becomes less effective, meaning programs need to use more battery to achieve the same level of performance.

If this was the case for this issue, then I would have had the issue present when I tried safari yesterday. Instead, Discourse has used about 15% compared to the 40% used by DiscourseHub.

So just to see if I’m not insane, what’s your battery health @merefield? If it’s above 90% then I think I’m correct. If not then I should look into this more.

Sharing some statistics. iPhone XR on iOS 16.0 public release, 79% battery health, three sites connected to the hub, not a quite frequent user.

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I have 1hr usage, and 39% used today.

Ah… that’s indeed a crazy consumption.

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Hello, I’m not sure but maybe the sites you using in it cause this? I mean if you use your site mostly (community.blackiron.dev) with DarkPixlz's Modern Theme that is maybe need some more energy because that use backdrop-filter: blur on lot of elements can cause battery drain issues.

Can you try to not use this website on DiscourseHub for a day or change the theme which not use backdrop-filter: blur or someone here use it for a day to check this?


Thanks, but on mobile I actually use my blackout theme, because it’s easier to use o mobile. Blackout should be clnsuming less battery, too.


My battery shows “Service”! :no_mouth:


Yeah, that means it’s <80%!

My only guess left is me being on cellular? This is school and the Wi-Fi is horrible with the filter so I stay off if it. But then again, cellular really only extremely impacts battery if you have low service, but I normally have 4-2 bars through the entire day, so this shouldn’t cause that big of a deal, like 39% in an hour and a half is.


I am 100% in this camp

Noticing iOS 16 is a drag on my battery, phone is consistently warmer as well


Yeah today was a bit heavy on Twitter and I have it referred that way

Really weird. Maybe poor optimization on apples part?

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