Discrepancy in posts count (Different count in profile and admin page)

I just noticed this:

/admin/users/ usernumber / username doesn’t always indicate the same number for “Posts Created” as /users/ username /activity shows.

My stats are all up to date, and the numbers are significantly different (4 vs 23).

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not. It may be related to how our import worked.


The posts count in /admin/ includes the PMs while the count in /users/ only counts your public posts.

Admin shows 4, the user summary shows 23, this user has 0 pms.

Could it have something to do with the stats job?

This account in particular is an imported one, and is still dormant, but I’ve seen the same with active users.

The 23 posts shown in the user summary are all there.

I’m seeing the same (significant) differences on both our live site and my test machine.

I ran across it while working on user merge and consolidation ideas on the test site: I was in /admin and saw “3 posts”, which is lower than max posts to delete, so I hit delete & got an error. Then I went and looked at the user summary.

Nevermind, they both use the same posts count : public posts.

So there is definitely something wrong with your import.


I’m seeing the discrepancy in my LIVE site as well as TEST site.
My test site has just 3 users and 10 threads.
Both the LIVE site and TEST site were installed from scratch. (didn’t do any kind of importing)

Posts Count shows as 2 in User Profile

Posts Count shows as 14 in Admin Page

It can be a bit confusing I guess. The first post of a topic is both a topic and a post.

Profile 12 topics created 2 posts created
Is equal to Admin Posts Created 14


I agree that, in admin panel, total posts = “total posts created” + “total threads created”

Have a look at below pics: (this is for a different user - from my TEST site)

Example of USER2
In Profile, Posts=2 Topics=1

But in Admin, Posts=4

Example of USER3 (there are just 3 users in my TEST site)

I’m not sure if “total posts” in Admin panel is REALLY = “total posts” + “total topics” or not.
BUT - even if its really true, still, the post count in Admin panel is OFF by 1 post. (for 2 users in my TEST site. There are just 3 users in total)