Reply count different in user profile and admin console

I am new to Discourse so I might misinterpret something. Attached you see the screenshot of a user from the admin console and below the screenshot from the user’s public profile:

It’s German - the highlighted part is the count of topics the user created.

When I go to the public page of the user it says zero created topics:

Indeed there are no posts by this user. I don’t know if she created posts or not but at least I don’t see any. Nor does her posts require any kind of moderation - at least I didn’t set it up this way and nor do I see posts pending for moderation or anything.

I am kind of puzzled here. The account is managed by Discourse by the way and it’s a regular subscription and not a trial - so there should be no limitation.


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This is because the user profile does not show or count replies made in Private Messages.


Ahh, that makes sense. Thank you!

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yes I agree with anglo

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