Discussing a topic with repeated official answers

hi jeff,
just a note/question… why are you that harsh and closed the last topic without a hint?
Don’t you want normal users to pickup on discourse? Not everybody is a Rack/Rails guru and immediately understands the workings…
At first I was under the impression it’s all about ‘civilized discussions’.
If I’m wrong, please let me know what went wrong.
BTW: The ‘Create a new Topic’ field doesn’t update when typing (under OSX 10.10.1, Safari (latest))

The hint is that the same official answer was repeated multiple times. Pretty sure I said exactly that, in the topic.

When a topic has an answer repeated several times, it becomes redundant and a waste of everyone’s time for the same things to be repeated over and over. Topics like that will be closed.

In some cases it could be argued that repeated topics highlight ongoing, unaddressed user issues. It must be recognised that aged topics are often out-of-date and relevant only to days gone by, and older versions of Discourse. My Super Search Box topic got closed immediately yesterday so I replied here… to an April post about the matter. But I’m mostly dark about the shutdown because it was an excellent title, a great name for what should be a default Discourse option, and I wanted the naming credits.

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One could even call it a “frequently asked question”… :wink:

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More like “I don’t care for the official answer so I am going to keep asking until the answer changes” :wink:

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