Dismiss Notifications does not erase the notifications from the list entirely

Hey there,

Just noticing that Dismiss Notifications is not working, either in the top right modal or the notifications page. Screenshot of notifications below. It’s greyed out. And then in the modal, it’s not greyed out, but it’s static on click and nothing happens.

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Mike Betts


You don’t seem to have any unread notifications (ie. with a blue highlight) so that’s why the button is deactivated.

So they’re supposed to just collect like this in the modal as well. I though you could clear them with dismiss button?


That clears the badge on your avatar but doesn’t wipe them from the dropdown (if I’m understanding you properly).

The modal “Dismiss” button should be greyed or hidden.


Ok, dismiss did remove the blue highlights. Notifications remain in the dropdown. right @vinothkannans, probably should grey it out so doesn’t look like it could be clicked and take an action.


Personally, much like phone notification UX. Would be kind of nice not to see any notifications in the drop down unless they are actually new. It just seems really cluttered and messy to still have all of that there and not be able to get it cleared.

Is there any reason you would want to have that running list of notifications? If you’ve clicked on it, or consciously click dismiss, then it seems you have made the decision as a user that “I don’t need to see this anymore, I’ve already taken any action I need to take”.

It may be a good option. Anyway currently you could do that using simple CSS customisation below

.user-menu .notifications .read {
  display: none;