Mark a badge notification as read instead of unread

Continuing the discussion from Possibility to selectively (or completely) mark notifications as read:

As far as I can tell it is still the case that badge notifications do not show up as read despite the declared irritation with that state two years ago.

I just received twenty notifications for earning ‘Nice Share’ on another forum. Clearing all twenty notifications was a painful task. Maybe I should have left the notifications uncleared but once I had started I decided to finish. I also noticed that the only notifications that I have never cleared were all badge notifications - they’re all cleared now.

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I don’t disagree with the other stuff you wrote, but how so?

  1. “View older notifications…”
  2. Dismiss All

:flushed: My mistake. I totally missed that button.

Sorry for wasting your time. :sob:

Thanks for the matter of fact and tactful response. :relieved:

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Well, maybe dismiss all notifications should be easier to find, perhaps.


Agree. Also the positioning “hides” it as I wasn’t expecting an action at the end of a menu of selection criteria.

The ‘Dismiss All’ button works much better on mobile because it is now isolated from the selection list.

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