Display a banned icon on user avatar when suspended

I moderate the hell out of my instance. For 5000 current members, over 1000 are suspended. I can’t stress enough how many times I see people actively asking banned members things they will never get an answer for. It’s not an intuitive thing to click someone’s avatar to see their user card (where the suspension is shown), this is why on my forum I get a bunch of “hey, what about this and that?”, “hello??? could you answer me??”, “why are you ignoring me?”, “pleeeeease?” posts.

So, my idea is to have some kind of obvious indicator (red dot? icon?) over a banned members avatar. It’s not even an idea, it’s something that virtually all discussion platforms have (some kind of account-status indicator), would be lovely for Discourse to implement this.

place them into a group “banned” and set a group flair (whatever icon you want).
beyond that, you could use CSS to add elements to their user card with .primary_group “banned” tag on elements

also, do you happen to know a couple guys we called “the Bobs” (Bob & Robert) that used to run a 10k user smartthings group on facebook?
With that kind/level of moderation and use of the ban hammer, you guys would get along.


That adds unnecessary clicks/steps, and who will keep track of when to move a user out of the banned group once his/her suspension expires? Your solution would be OK for permanent bans only. And we don’t ban users because we’re trigger happy admins who get easily offended. Our instance is a marketplace, we do transactions every single day. This attracts scammers left and right, hence so many suspensions.

for the record, it was just meant to be a touch funny.

as for the flair badge, your site appears to already use them with vip/premium members. just add it with banned. put a red exclamation, or a skull/bones logo.

Or then use CSS to put a red X or the word banned in an that displays in place of a profile pic as an overlay over their profile pic for anyone with primary group set to banned.

Or use CSS to add a “text badge” next to their username.
checkout community.webcore.co
we have some custom CSS that displays next to a user’s name (admins, or users in verification stages of account display vatious title/badge with colored backgrounds). click around, you’ll find them randomly. should give you a starting point.

it’s all “primary group” dependent.

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like these. there are a couple more but you get the picture.

InkedCapture1_LI InkedCapture2_LI 324f41790579056e45db7cc394eb0364fc585474

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here you go: