Silenced Avatar Flair

:information_source: Summary Small plugin that shows a silenced flair when a user is silenced. This will overrule any regular flair.
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository Link GitHub - chapoi/discourse-silenced-flair
:open_book: Install Guide How to install plugins in Discourse


When a user is silenced, an avatar flair is shown on their user card, profile page, and on their topic avatar. Only visible to the groups that can see who is silenced (admins and moderators).

  1. Usercard

  2. Profile page

  3. Topic avatar


This flair does not replace any existing flairs, but simply pastes the silenced flair on top of them visually. It uses the post-avatar:after widget, and 2 connectors: user-card-avatar-flair and user-profile-avatar-flair to do this.

Meaning any other usage of these outlets will result in a conflict with this plugin.

To do

  • add tests

I wonder if this great idea of a plugin could be re-worked in a theme-component. I believe having plugin to display this kind of info is too much compared to components API. I may be wrong, but that might be a good idea, considering Discourse does not show if user is silenced to public in any way in the interface…

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