Display boxes for subcategories above topic list

There are two ways to display a list of sub-categories within the parent category:

  • in boxes with only the name, logo, and description
  • in boxes with name, logo, and a list of some featured topics

You can enable these styles by visiting the parent category, editing its settings, going to the settings tab, and choosing these options:


The “Boxes” style is currently being used in our howto category. By using very short category description and adding logos to each subcategory, it looks like this:

The logos are optional, but its best to either use logos for all or none of the subcategories.

Boxes with featured topics

The “Boxes with featured topics” will include a list of a configurable number of topics.

Set how many topics to show in each sub-category’s settings:

Display subcategories in a vertical alignment?

Change desktop category page style to “categories with latest” and you will get this view when looking at categories.

Customize style of subcategory boxes

If you’d like to further customize how these boxes are displayed, see Customize style of subcategory boxes

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