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Hi there, how are you all doing with your communities? I am about to launch for first time and quite excited and scared at the same time.

So I’m trying to adjust some things and maybe someone can help me out with these problems.

Attaching this image so you can understand better:

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So I understand the blue arrow is marking the “full name” option, right?

Also, is the icon that I mark with the orange arrow (which I understand is a group icon) can only be set by the user or can it be default? for example, the icon of your trust level shows.

Also, what I mark with the pink arrow is the name of the group? Can this also be adjusted to be shown or hidden, depending on the group?

Another thing is: by default any moderator or admin has this “shield” icon next to their names. Is it possible to change it for something else or a color box with text in it, like this blue box with “staff” in it you show on your blog:

Thank you sooo much in advance for any help provided.

Discourse is being quite a discovery for me, and this community is the best support :slight_smile:


Blue arrow is the username and not the full name.

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Many of the things you are looking for are explained in Make staff users more recognizable with customized avatars, posts, and mentions


Hey there, the orange arrow is called the group flair.

For Gerhard’s example it’s the flair from being part of the “team” group, so you are right.

There are two places you need to go for these settings:

  1. https://<your Discourse URL>/g/team/manage/membership (or any other non-admin group that you’ve created) and perhaps add a “Avatar Flair Image”
  2. https://<your Discourse URL>/my/preferences/account and set your “Title” and “Flair”

This option doesn´t seem to ve available on my Discourse :woman_shrugging:

On the other hand: my question was if this flair can be set to be shown by default and not marked by the user in his preferences. I hope I explained myself better now.

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That is amazing @Moin , thank you so much :slight_smile:

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My first example URL was wrong – for the default “admins” group that is available with Discourse, we don’t have membership settings for obvious reasons. I’ve modified the URL now to reflect a group called “team”, as we have on Meta here.

As Moin stated, Automatically add group flair to members' avatars will allow your users in the group to inherit both the avatar and flair without the group member having to set it explicitly.

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Yes, thank you, that was all really helpful. I also found this post about TL avatar flairs so I’ll link it here in case someone reads my thread and finds it helpful :slight_smile:


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