Display google search box on private instance

When a search returns no results, there’s a suggestion to try a Google search.
But our discourse not display the search box and google button.
Why not display the search box and button?
Is there a way to display the search box and button??

My Discourse is on private network and installed by docker.
and My Discourse version is v2.0.0.beta5+12.


How could Google index your Discourse instance if it isn’t on the public internet?


Thank you for your reply.

So we opened the firewall to connect from the outside.
However, the Google text box and button are still not visible.
I do not see it even though I rebuild my Discourse.
What is the problem?

Does your site require login to read?

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Yes, our site require login to read.
Is this a problem?

Yes. How could Google read your content if viewing your site requires an account?


Oh my god!!!
Thank you very much. Thank you~~!!

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