Display issue with wizard invites on mobile

I am person who give preference to appearance as much as somebody who would give preference to backend.

I will add the display bugs as I encounter it.

After inviting the moderator for our discourse installation, the list is displayed. While the list is displayed in mobile, there is no space between the invited moderators email address and his role.

None of these pages were made to work on mobile.

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I understood! But, since all other options are working superfine, I guess it would better if you look on it.

The invite page for the wizard should work on mobile. But that’s just a minor cosmetic issue, might be due to narrow device width?

It needs some :heart: then.

I accept, it is just a minor issue.
But, my phone is of 5.5 inch screen size.

I am removing the other issue as we don’t build the /admin pages to work 100% cleanly on mobile. In general please open one issue per topic, do not create “kitchen sink” topics that have everything.

We should fix the wizard issue though.


Sure, I will not create kitchen.sink topics. :slight_smile: But, anyway. I guess fixing wizard issue is good since it welcomes a new discourse user. These days people use mobile devices extensively.

90% of my forum users are mobile users.