Display last active (seen) info next to @ username search

In some cases, there are two or more accounts for the same person in our Discourse. It’s something we’re addressing with inactive accounts elsewhere. However, I think there’s an opportunity to help people when they @ someone, say on a post or chat channel.

At the moment we @ someone and try to find them. And then go to their profile to see which one has been the most active and the one that has been most active recently. Typically they both point to the same person – we end up using “Seen”. So we discount the dormant account and make sure to @ the right person. However, sometimes we get it wrong cos we don’t do this slightly long-winded check.

This feature request is to provide a visual indicator to indicate when that person was last active (seen) when using the @ search.

I imagine it would be just an extra display field at the end:

Existing behaviour:
[Profile Picture] [Username] [Name]

[Profile Picture] [Username] [Name] [Seen]