Display link to user profile from an OAuth provider

We’re experimenting with a custom OAuth provider for sign in, and one thing that would be really helpful is a link somewhere on the Discourse user profile page (e.g. Profile - kueda - Discourse Meta) that shows

a) that the user connected their account to the OAuth provider and
b) a URL to that user’s profile on the OAuth provider

This would be useful so our users can see the fact that a user on Discourse is the same as a user on our site. I was thinking that in addition to the oauth2 json avatar path setting you could support something like an oauth2 json profile url path and that would be the URL of the user’s profile on the OAuth provider. Might also be cool to have a setting we can specify the URL to the OAuth provider’s logo image that could be displayed next to the link (showing a logo on the “Sign in with provider” button would be helpful too).


Do we have anything like this @david?

We don’t, all auth information is kept private - only accessible to admins. This would have to be a plugin, or added to the oauth_basic plugin as a new feature.


Do plugins have the ability to change the content of user profile pages like Profile - kueda - Discourse Meta, e.g. adding a URL, maybe with a logo or at least a favicon next to it? If not, implementing this would require a change to your plugin framework too, I imagine.

Also, this is the correct place to request features for the oauth_basic plugin, right? I assumed so since you’re not supporting issues at GitHub - discourse/discourse-oauth2-basic: A basic OAuth2 plugin for use with Discourse