Improved View to User Field

Hello, we recently decided to create user fields on our forum to let our users share their accounts from Spotify, Steam, PSN on their Discourse profile. But we have seen that long links on profiles looks ugly.

In message box we have hyperlinks that hides ugly long links under a text we decide. It might be just like this on user fields to hide long links under texts.

You can follow this guide and make the URL become a small icon (scroll down and read the whole topic)


This seems complicated. I think it would be good feature if it creates clickable texts as in hyperlink :thinking:

Discourse also can make it like Discord does. It would show icons of connected accounts on user profile.

Every connection is a possible exploit, so I don’t know that you want to incentivize a large number of account connections per user.


We already can login via Google, Instagram, Twitter, Github accounts and more with plugins. How is this different? I just wonder.