Display Unread messages in the footer


Would it be possible to add an option, in the Profile > Preferences > Interface, to choose what to display in the footer? Ideally, I would like to see my Unread messages there.
There could be a dropdown menu to let the user choose to display the Suggested Topics or the Unread Messages, or both (5 topics of each maximum).


Currently, the footer shows five “Suggested Topics” (at the bottom of the page):

When I browse my favourite forum on my (Android) smartphone, one of the first things that I do is going to Menu > Unread to see the new replies of the threads that I track.

Then I click on the first topic listed in this “Unread” page, that leads me to the thread, specifically to the unread message.

Then, once I read the rest of the thread to the bottom (there can be several replies), I have to go again to Menu > Unread (at the top) or I have to click on Unread (4) at the bottom of the page to see once again the list of Unread messages… And so on…

I just think it would be really convenient for users to see their “Unread Messages” at the bottom of the page (maybe above the Suggested Topics?). This way, after reading a topic, users could be able to quickly go to their next Unread Message.

For those who don’t want to see both (Suggested Topics and Unread Messages), a dropdown menu would let users decide what to display, between these two options.

Thank you in advance for considering to implement this option.