New message button in messages dropdown

I think it would be much easier if we had a New message button next or below the expand menu under Profile -> messages dropdown


Something like this? Seems reasonable to me.

Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 3.52.30 PM

I don’t start a lot of PMs, so I’m curious if others think this would be useful too.


Brilliant mockup! I think this would be useful because it saves less clicks to get to a new message and overall just simplifies things. Thanks for the suggestion @tpetrov.

I’d be opposed to this as a default since it elevates “personal message” to the same level as a public message. It might be more appropriate as a theme component for certain sites where a lot of messaging is private.


I actually agree on that and probably wouldn’t want to have it on my own forum for that reason. It just came to my mind since on meta I always send PM to the team and would make it a little quicker.

Something else though - I don’t think the down arrow is very clear on what it does. I think most newcomers wouldn’t understand that it opens all assets - maybe it would be better to also have text “all”, “view all” or something like that…

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I’ve created a theme component that adds this button: Add a New Message button to the PM notification menu

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