Disqus-like commenting on Wordpress

Hi there! I heard about Discourse recently and thought it would be a great alternative to Wordpress’
default commenting system. I expected it to work/look similar to Disqus.

This is what I expected and how it looks like in Discourse directly:

(I can only upload one image here)

But this is how it looks like on Wordpress as comments:

What can be done about this? I really want the discussion to take place directly under the post.

Looking forward to your replies :slight_smile:

URL to blog post: https://www.thingstodoinbali.com/blog/starting-a-business-in-bali/

URL to diqus thread: Starting a business in Bali - Business - Things to do in Bali


You can style the posts on WordPress by editing the template and using CSS.

Even then the commenters will still come to your discourse instance to leave comments. The plugin presents comments below posts, it doesn’t handle the submission process.


The intention behind the plugin is to move commenting from WordPress to Discourse. Discourse offers a lot of moderation and community building features that don’t exist in Disqus. It would not be possible to keep these features if comments were added directly below the WordPress posts.

If you plan to keep using Discourse for comments, you will need to add some CSS to your theme to correctly position the comments on the page. Discourse comments are currently being displayed at the full width of the page. All the other content on the page has it’s width constrained by a container.

One thing I noticed on your site is that the Discourse System user is being included in the participants list. I think the Discourse WordPress plugin should be updated to remove the System user from the participants list.

If you would like posts that are published from WordPress to Discourse to be published under your username, instead of by the system user, go to your WordPress profile page and enter your Discourse username into the Discourse Username field of the ‘Contact Info’ section. In the next update to the plugin, the Discourse Username field is going to be moved out of the ‘Contact Info’ section and into a separate ‘Discourse’ section on the user profile page.


Hi Stephen, thanks for the clarification. The discourse features look really great but I think people are more likely to comment when they can leave a comment directly below the article instead of getting redirected to another page :grimacing:

Hi Simon! Thanks for the info about the user name. Any how-to link about styling the comments section? :slight_smile:

I was considering an iframe to the discussion below the post to show the discussion but somehow it can’t be displayed

Discourse does not support running in an iframe.


If you want people to be able to post to discourse from your WordPress page you’re going to need to use the API.

There was some discussion a few months back of someone funding this development. AFAIK it hasn’t come to fruition, but if this really matters to you then you could post an outline and your budget over on the #marketplace.


@codinghorror. I see! Didn’t know that. Thanks for the clarification!

Thank you @Stephen, I will consider posting a draft on the marketplace.

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Hey @Bali-Chris!

We’re researching doing what it sounds like you were asking about, here.

Would this discussion allow you to do what you’re trying to accomplish?

Look at this blog post and notice how Discourse forum comments are embeded below the post:

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